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That Ghoul Ava on a Roll!: That Ghoul Ava, Book...
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Ava Birch is just your average ghoul next door. It has only been a short while since the lamia was slain, and life has not come close to settling down. With renegade Templars in possession of a powerful weapon that can end her existence, Ava has a lot to worry about these days. So, when a phone call from Texas comes and her services are requested to deal with possible Valkyries infiltrating a roller derby league, Ava does just what you would expect. First, she hangs up; then she agrees to come down and do the job. Of course, it is never that easy. Morgan also enlists her to finish off the Dallas region's psychic, Claude Mortier, and then hand over the region to a friend and (hopefully) potential ally as the coming war in the Supernatural community looms closer. With Nose Wart the goblin at her side, Ava heads off on her latest adventure…. That Ghoul Ava on a Roll. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Pamela Lorence. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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